Buttonwood Press is a publishing house dedicated to a collection on 10 books each of which is based on the interpretation of an economic issue ensuing from its financer.


Buttonwood Press "T (1)": "All in, An Anthology of Gambling" - Financeur: Mécènes du Sud. Conception graphique + impression + droits de reproductions = 5240 Euros. 392 pages. Conception Graphique : Spassky - Fischer. Français - Anglais. Juin 2016. Prix de Vente: 26,87 Euros (+ marge libraire si vente en librairie).

Buttonwood Press " B " : "L’histoire des grands fourbes et du coupable absolu." - Financeur: Villa Arson. Conception graphique + impression = 4805,05 Euros. 80 Pages. Conception Graphique : s-y-n-d-i-c-a-t. Français. Juin 2016. Prix de Vente: 9,30 Euros.

Buttonwood Press "U" : "L'Abandon au profit" - co-editeur: Lendroit Éditions - Co-produit par Art Norac - Financeurs: multiples - Conception graphique + impression: 2808,05 Euros. 224 pages. Conception Graphique : Bureau Roman Seban. Français. Septembre 2016. Prix de vente: 7,50 Euros

Buttonwood Press "N" in Active Art: http://www.paraguaypress.com/publications/1368/

Buttonwood Press "O": "Deals",Financeur: Orange Rouge (Sponsors from Orange Rouge cancelled, infos on demand)

Buttonwood Press "W": "The Supporters",Financeurs: Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Max Mayer Galerie (March 2021)


  Buttonwood Press "O2 "Weak Tongue - Sharp Smile - 2023 (related to the project Sharp Smile: https://www.museomacro.it/rehearsal/eva-barto-sharp-smile/)





The Buttonwood Agreement which took place on May 17, 1792, started the New York Stock & Exchange Board now called the New York Stock Exchange. This agreement was signed by 24 stockbrokers outside of 68 Wall Street New York under a buttonwood tree.

Source: Wikipédia.



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